1. Alan Turing.

2. R.C. Holt <holt@csri.toronto.edu> & J.R. Cordy <cordy@cs.queensu.ca>, U Toronto, 1982. Descendant of Concurrent Euclid, an airtight super-Pascal. Used mainly for teaching programming at both high school and university level.

Available from Holt Software Assocs, Toronto.

Versions for Sun, MS-DOS, Mac, etc.

E-mail: <distrib@turing.toronto.edu>.

["Turing Language Report", R.C. Holt & J.R. Cordy, Report CSRI-153, CSRI, U Toronto, Dec 1983].

["The Turing Programming Language", R.C. Holt & J.R. Cordy, CACM 31(12) (Dec 1988)].