An interface between Prolog application programs and the X Window System that aims to be independent from the Prolog engine, provided that it has a Quintus foreign function interface (e.g. SICStus and YAP). PI is mostly written in Prolog and is divided in two libraries: Edipo - the lower level interface to the Xlib functions; and Ytoolkit - the higher level user interface toolkit.


E-mail: Ze' Paulo Leal <zp@ncc.up.pt>.


1. <character> The greek lower-case letter P.

2. <mathematics> The mathematical constant that is the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. Pi is written as the greek character pi.

Some have suggested that pi is the wrong choice and a better constant to describe the geometry of circles would have been 2*pi, for which they have proposed the name tau. Most practising mathematicians think this is silly. The xkcd comic strip proposed a compromise between pi and tau, namely 1.5*pi or "pau".