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Tree Transformation Language

<functional language, rule-based language> (TXL) A hybrid functional language and rule-based language by Jim R. Cordy <> et al of Queen's University, Canada in 1988. TXL is suitable for performing source to source transformations and for rapidly prototyping new languages and language processors. It uses structural transformation. It is written in ANSI C.

It has also been used to prototype specification languages, command languages, and more traditional program transformation tasks such as constant folding, type inference, source optimisation and reverse engineering.

TXL takes as input an arbitrary context-free grammar in extended BNF-like notation, and a set of show-by-example transformation rules to be applied to inputs parsed using the grammar.

Latest version: 7.4, as of 1993-08-04.

["TXL: A Rapid Prototyping System for Programming Language Dialects", J.R. Cordy et al, Comp Langs 16(1) (Jan 1991)].

["Specification and Automatic Prototype Implementation of Polymorphic Objects in Turing Using the TXL Dialect Processor", J.R. Cordy & E.M. Promislow, Proc IEEE Intl Conf on Comp Lang ICCL'90 (Mar 1990)].


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