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SRC Modula-3

Version 2.11

compiler(->C), run-time, library, documentation

		can be while meeting the needs of modern systems
		programmers.  Instead of exploring new features, we
		studied the features of the Modula family of languages
		that have proven themselves in practice and tried to
		simplify them into a harmonious language.  We found
		that most of the successful features were aimed at one
		of two main goals: greater robustness, and a simpler,
		more systematic type system.  Modula-3 retains one of
		Modula-2's most successful features, the provision for
		explicit interfaces between modules.  It adds objects
		and classes, exception handling, garbage collection,
		lightweight processes (or threads), and the isolation
		of unsafe features.

The goal of Modula-3 is to be as simple and safe as it conformance: implements the language defined in SPwM3.

ports: i386/AIX 68020/DomainOS Acorn/RISCiX MIPS/Ultrix 68020/HP-UX RS/6000/AIX IBMRT/4.3 68000/NEXTSTEP i860/SVR4 SPARC/SunOS 68020/SunOS sun386/SunOS Multimax/4.3 VAX/Ultrix

Mailing list: comp.lang.modula3

E-mail: Bill Kalsow <>

From DEC/SRC, Palo Alto, CA. "Modula-3 Report (revised)" Luca Cardelli et al.


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