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<language, history> (Or "Plankalkuel" if you don't have umlauts). The first programming language, designed by Konrad Zuse, ca. 1945. Zuse wrote "Rechenplan allgemeiner Struktur" in 1944 which developed into Plankalkül. Plankalkül included arrays and records and used a style of assignment in which the new value appears on the right.

Zuse wrote Plankalkül for his Z3 computer (finished before 1945) and implemented it on there as well. Much of his work may have been either lost or confiscated in the aftermath of World War II.

ESR Plankalkül.

["The Plankalkül of Konrad Zuse", F.L. Bauer et al, CACM 15(7):678-685, Jul 1972].


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